Forest Corp

Individuals spend two weeks in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) with co-ed peers from across the country to gain a better appreciation of the natural world.

The first week of Forest Corps is dedicated to giving back to the land through portage trail restoration. Participants camp in the wilderness and spend their days repairing trails so that other visitors can enjoy the Boundary Waters for years to come. Through this conservation project, participants gain hands-on experience in wildland stewardship and build lifelong bonds with crewmates.

The second week of Forest Corps is an individualized canoe trek designed around exploring the natural beauty of this environment. As a group, the participants and instructors prepare an itinerary based on the goals and experiences of each crew member.

Forest Corps is a mobile classroom and is designed to educate participants in all aspects of the Northwoods. The goal is that every participant will gain an understanding and appreciation of nature through real hands-on experiences. Participants can expect to take part in lessons including fire ecology, astronomy, wolf studies, Wildland Ethics, and many more.

The Forest Corps curriculum incorporates Leave No Trace Trainer Course, meaning that every participant has the opportunity to become a Leave No Trace Trainer. Trainers are equipped with valuable knowledge on how to responsibly interact with our wild lands and how to teach others to do the same. Forest Corps is committed to protecting our public lands for generations to come.

2019 Sessions: June 20 - July 4, July 11 - July 25, and August 1 - August 15.

Cost: $530 per person.

A payment of at least $100 is due when you register with the balance due 30 days prior to arrival. A round-trip shuttle from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport is available for an additional $250.  


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